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Across the Fields of Night

I’ll never forget the first time I held my niece,
Katherine Jean.
I’d taken the 1am train from Connecticut to DC.
I arrived in the delivery room less than an hour after she was born.

And my brother immediately put her in my arms.

Cradling this gift of new and promise-filled life.
Gazing into her alert, unfocused eyes,
I found myself shaken –
Taken by overwhelming emotion.
By Love.

In that moment,
That overwhelming wave of Love,
I think I got a glimpse of who God is.
If I, flawed human that I am,
(A mere shadow shadow of the Prodigal’s Father)
Running across the fields of night
To greet my niece for the first time –
If I can feel so much unconditional love
For a child who isn’t even my own,
How much more must God,
In God’s perfection,
Love us.